About Us



our vision

We envision a world where individual and social mindsets have moved from approaching any personal interaction or business transaction with a win-or-lose perspective, to wanting a win-win feeling for all.

We see the end of prevalent adversarial culture, as people will stop taking unmoving selfish stands, and move to reasonable common ground, for greater mutual benefit.

We believe this transformation will happen when people start resolving conflicts through meaningful dialogue, in the true spirit and process of mediation.

We strive for a world, where people are not only in tune with their individual goals, but they are also in tune with the interests of others. And when common interest finds itself in the collaborative hands of humankind, we will all evolve to a higher level of humanity.

our mission

Our Mission is to nurture a social shift, from a win-lose way of approaching every human interaction or business transaction, to a win-win way of life for all.

We will do this, using the positive mantras of mediation gathered by the wise over the centuries; by gleaning the mantras of great negotiators and leaders and the examples set by them over the years; and by applying deep understanding of inherent human nature, when it comes to relationships, economics, and survival, in a complex contemporary world.

Our mission is to make Mediation the default mantra for conflict resolution of any kind – internal, external, personal, professional, emotional or commercial.

Our mission is to give the world mantras that will not only help people resolve conflict of any kind, but will also become second nature to people, and help create a global culture of win-win for all, in everyday life.

The Mediation Mantras Mission is built on three pillars that help create a culture of mediation and a mindset for win-win.

Knowledge and best practices of mediation, or mediation mantras, through curated and created content, online and offline
Workshops that help individuals and companies to spot and turn the sparks of conflict, into positive collective energy
Professional Mediation services for complex commercial and transnational disputes, as well as emotional family conflicts

our services

Our panel of Mediators include some of the most effective and well-known Mediators in India and Southeast Asia. Together, we bring a wealth of wisdom and incomparable experience, to help resolve complex commercial disputes and high-value family conflicts, with complete confidentiality assured.

We also conduct workshops to increase workplace productivity and employee retention, as well as to resolve internal conflict in companies, using Mediation best-practices and leadership skills gained and developed by some of the finest minds in the business over the years.

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