As trusted public relations partners to organisations across various sectors, Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI) members are committed to offering the best professional people and processes to help clients build their reputations and grow their businesses.

The PRCAI Code of Conduct shared with its members gives clients reassurances about service quality, confidentiality, and more. In case of a dispute, a client or agency can reach out to PRCAI for Mediation First, a collaborative, constructive way to resolve matters and strengthen relationships and trust, using professional Mediation services from Mediation Mantras.

Testimonials for Mediation

What people who have used our Mediation services have to say about the process
  • Vishal Sood, Venture Partner at Elevate Capital
    Mediation had a very far-reaching impact on one of the firms that we had invested in.
    Its confidential process helped to preserve the reputation of the company and today its valuation has increased manyfold.  I am delighted with the process as it helped resolve a long-standing conflict effectively and quickly. Mediation helped preserve the relationship as well as facilitated solutions that were long term and lasting.”
    Vishal Sood
    Elevation Capital
  • Co-Founder
    Misunderstandings are a normal part of our daily human interactions. When these misunderstandings become deep-rooted and erode the trust in a relationship, it can look like there can never be a reconciliation.
    I was surprised recently at how potent Mediation can be for such maladies. When a neutral third person used empathy and facilitated the removal of mistrust between my business partner and me.
    Mediation healed the relationship to a position where we can now talk and exchange civilities without feeling malice or mistrust.
    of a 3,500+ People Company

Scope of the PRCAI Mediation Desk

What kind of disputes will Mediation Mantras help the PRCAI Mediation Desk resolve?

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PRCAI Mediation Desk FAQs

What to expect from the PRCAI Mediation Desk

With answers to the Frequently Asked Questions given below, we hope to explain the advantages and usage of the PRCAI Mediation Desk, which is created for the benefit of PRCAI Members and those engaged in professional and commercial activities with them.

If you have more questions that need answers, please refer to the FAQs listed on this page. If you still have questions unanswered, please contact us, using the contact form here.

General FAQs on Mediation and PR

Why does the PR industry need Mediation?
As trusted public relations partners to organisations across various sectors, PRCAI members are committed to follow a culture of ethical and professional practices. The PRCAI Code of Conduct shared with all its members, is a guiding principle for collaborative and healthy industry culture. Mediation can help the various stakeholders engaged in formal Public Relations activities use the art and science of mediation to resolve disputes amicably.
How does Mediation help the PRCAI Code of Conduct?
The Mediation First initiative which includes the PRCAI Mediation Desk by Mediation Mantras helps strengthen and enforce the PRCAI Code of Conduct that balances the interests of all involved and encourages mutual respect and heathy dialogue in the spirit of one team, one industry.
What are the advantages of the PRCAI Mediation Desk?
The PRCAI Mediation Desk is managed by Mediation Mantras, which is a neutral, third-party Mediation consulting firm, with a rich panel of experienced Mediators. The advantages of the PRCAI Mediation Desk, are as follows: 1. Quick turnaround times, and speedy resolution of disputes, before they become a crisis. 2. Confidentiality, to protect the reputation of all involved. 3. Interest-based Mediation that ensures all parties are heard, all issues are addressed, and parties arrive at solutions themselves, together. 4. The parties to a dispute are in control of the process and timeline, and the outcome. 5. In a successful Mediation, there are no losers.
How much will a Mediation through PRCAI cost?
PRCAI and Mediation Mantras have developed a mindful pricing structure because it values business parties’ time and money. Unlike litigation, the PRCAI Mediation Desk pricing is transparent and fixed. We will charge an initial fee on the commencement of Mediation [as per scope and claim of the dispute] and a one-time fee from the final settlement reached between the parties. All in all, the cost of a Mediation will be much less than what you'd pay for litigation or arbitration, both in terms of actual fees and cost of time spent on resolution. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch with us.
How do I access the PRCAI Mediation Desk?
You can access the PRCAI Mediation Desk online using the Mediation Request form at the end of the page. You can also write to [email protected] with your request, but the form is easier and will help speed up the process. Mediation Mantras will respond to your request within 24 hours.
Is the Mediation Process Confidential?
Yes, Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process, wherein a Mediator facilitates a collaborative problem-solving process in which both parties have the autonomy to find the best solution to resolve their dispute.
Can Mediation Commence with only One Party?
No, all the Parties to the Dispute must participate in a Mediation at their own free will. When a Mediation is requested by one Party, the team behind the Mediation Desk will reach out to the other Parties and invite them to voluntarily join the Mediation process.
Can I set up a Mediation Desk in my own organisation?
Yes, you can set up a Mediation Desk to resolve disputes and conflict within your organisation. Research indicates parties prefer the intervention from neutral external parties when there is a dispute with people within their own organisation. A Mediation Desk from Mediation Mantras provides the assurance of neutral evaluation and resolution, without making the dispute public.

PR Industry Specific Mediation FAQs

What is the difference between disputes and conflicts in PR?
A dispute is a disagreement that arises over a specific matter, usually related to financial matters and processes. Disputes are usually cleaner and quicker to resolve amicably. A conflct is an unresolved dispute or disagreement, that now has additional emotional layers. Conflicts require mindful navigation of emotions and people behind the conflict, and must address sentiment besides facts of the conflict.
Mediating internal disputes for PRCAI members
Mediation can address disputes that an organisation's internal leadership and processes have not been able to solve. Mediation can help resolve disputes arising from Terms of Employment and Financial Matters between the employer and employee. Mediation can also help resolve inter-personal conflicts and inter-department conflicts.
Mediating Agency - Client disputes
Mediation is advisable to address dispute and conflicts between Clients and Agencies, that their respective teams and leadership have not been able to resolve. Mediation can help address disputes related to Scope of Work, Service Quality, and Terms of Agreement, including matters of confidentiality, and intellectual property rights.
Mediating Agency vs Agency disputes
Since PRCAI is an association in which all Members have a stake, any dispute or conflict arising between two agencies, are best addressed by neutral third-party conflict resolution professionals, which Mediation Mantras brings to the table. Mediation can help resolve disputes arising from violations of the PRCAI Code of Conduct, as well as other matters that Members feel need to be addressed.
Mediating Vendor Disputes
Disputes are inevitable, often due to misunderstandings or differences in the way a buyer-seller agreement is interpreted. Mediation can help resolve vendor issues related to quality of deliverables, and payment matters.
What other PR industry conflict can Mediation help?
In a people-driven business, conflict is inevitable. Which is why organisations have to be prepared with a uniform process to address any conflicts that come their way. In the PR industry, Mediation can be used to resolve behavioral conflict between organisations and individuals, including conflict with other industry stakeholders like the Media and media persons, communities and civil society groups, and other interested parties, whenever the need arises.
Can a Non-Member Use the PRCAI Mediation Desk?
The PRCAI Mediation Desk is for PRCAI Members only, and for other individuals or entities that have a professional or commercial relationship with PRCAI Members. This is a PRCAI Member Service, because PRCAI Members are united in a common purpose, in the spirit of one industry, one team, and the PRCAI Mediation Desk is created to help nurture and preserve this spirit. However, non-Members with a dispute or conflict, can reach out to Mediation Mantras directly, for independent Mediation and Mediation-related services.

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Mediators for the PRCAI Mediation Desk

Handpicked Mediators from the Mediation Mantras Panel of Mediators


Senior Mediator
and Mediation Trainer


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Mediator and Founder
Mediation Mantras


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Mediator and
Co-Founder, CAMP

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Founded in 2001, the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI) is India’s most credible and influential flagship trade association in public relations. Through its code of conduct, PRCAI promotes professional standards to create a more prosperous PR industry in India and encourages its 85+ member base across categories to adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice. 

PRCAI is also a member of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), the umbrella body for 41 PR associations and 3,000 agencies across the world. PRCAI has a strong North, South, East, and West regional network which provides cohesive and uniform support to its members.