Class of 2019

SIMC India Specialist Mediator Training

Conducted by Singapore International Mediation Centre

In 2019, Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC), in Association with Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP), trained a select group professionals to be India Specialist Mediators, and join its international panel of Mediators.

The Class of 2019 included practicing Lawyers, Mediators, bureaucrats, and former Judges.

Mediation Mantras' Founders, Radhika Shapoorjee and Mehernosh Shapoorjee were part of this Class, as the first non-legal Indian Corporate Professionals to be trained by SIMC.

The photos below highlight some of the moments from the Class of 2019. 

"The India Specialist Mediator Training didn't just qualify me to conduct Mediations,
it changed the way I deal with people nowadays, especially when in conflict.
It was a life-changing experience, one that I will always be grateful to SIMC."