If you represent an industry association or are a member of an industry association that could benefit from a robust, amicable dispute resolution process, speak with us about the Mediation First programme. We’d love to talk about how we can help.

A Mediation Desk and Panel of Mediators:

For the adoption of Mediation as the primary form of dispute resolution within and between organisations in the industry.

A Mediation Awareness and Sensitisation Programme:

To help all stakeholders in the Public Relations industry embrace a Mediation mindset, that will help prevent disputes within and between stakeholders. 

Mediation Mantras


Types of Industy Disputes Addressed

The Mediation Desk from Mediation Mantras is designed to help industry associations offer their members access to professional Mediation services through some of the best Mediators in the country.

Mediation Mantras offers a panel of professional Mediators, with experience and expertise relevant to the industry.

Our Mediators are drawn from across the country, and various Mediation associations.

The list of disputes that Mediation can resolve, is indicative, as a Mediator can help resolve any type of civil, commercial, or social dispute. If you have a dispute or conflict that doesn't fit in any of the categories listed above, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy share, how we can help.