Mediation Request

For PRCAI Members, and Member Related Disputes

If you're a PRCAI Member, or are in a dispute with one, you can use the form below, to request a Mediation for amicable dispute resolution.

We are here to help resolve professional or commercial disputes for PRCAI Members and those that work with them in a professional and commercial relationship.

Your answers in the form below are the starting point for us to understand your dispute, and figure out how we can help.

Mediation is a Confidential process, and Mediation Mantras is an independent third-party Mediation Consultancy, so all the information you share with us will remain private between us, before, during, and after the Mediation.

The PRCAI Management Committee will only be informed of the names of the Parties involved, and a broad indication of the area of dispute. Example. Scope of Work dispute, Payment issue, etc.

In order to resolve your dispute with another party, we have to engage with the other party, and will only share any information relevant to the case with them, with your prior permission.

By filling in this form, we understand that you are initiating a Mediation process voluntarily.

Radhika Shapoorjee
Founder, Mediation Mantras


Let's get Started.

The following form has three key questions which we would like you to answer in detail. We recommend you set aside 20-30 minutes to answer the three main questions thoughtfully.

The rest are information gathering questions about you, your contact details, and about the attempts to resolve the dispute so far.